R32 Build Part 1: Cooling Supplies

This time around with the R32, Im going to try my best to document everything I do since there isn’t much going to be happening. There wont be any engine swaps or dramatic changes. Just some simple things to keep things reliable until Final Bout so here we go…

Texas is warm and its only going to get hotter during the summer. From the picture of the R32, there was still the factory radiator and hoses but there is a Juran Water Temperature Sensor Adapter. Im predicting that since the R32 is a 4 door, the little RB20 is going to working really hard to keep up with other cars which will only make the car hot so I figure I would get a few items to keep it cooler. Also I planned on changing all the fluids as soon as the R32 arrives so this was the perfect time.

First item is a  Aluminum 2 Row radiator. Nothing fancy, just a no name brand radiator. The A Bo Moon video I posted early showed a similar radiator so I researched and found this one. The radiator will be tested for leaks before install as well so dont worry. I put my 1.3 Bar Blitz radiator cap on it too which was left over from the 180sx part out.


Next up are some radiator hoses. Nothing special again, just some silicone black hoses that I found online for cheap. Ill have to cut the upper hose to fit the Juran Temperature Sensor Adapter but thats ok will me.


The last cooling part for today is the GK Tech Cooling Panel. These panel divert air through to your radiator to improve cooling instead of letting air rise and go over the engine when this panel isn’t there. When I was looking into these, the only place I was finding them was on ebay for $100 until I found these on clearance on GK Tech’s website. I believe I got this for about $40-$50 shipped from Australia. Looks pretty good and was packaged well. No complaints about it!


Ill make another post about installing everything when the R32 arrives in a couple days.


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