Thoughts from a Balcony…

Since no one really reads my blog, Ill share my current thoughts with those who do.

So I had this cool plan of swapping in a S14/S15 sr20 and doing GT1 aero after my redtop got rod knock. I sold the Type X aero, motor and a bunch of other stuff. With a good chunk of change in my pocket I was ready to start buying stuff for the 180sx. I bought a GT1 wing and was making a deal for a S15 motor but then my friends over at GTR Garage posted a 4 door R32 for pretty cheap shipped to the US and that got me thinking. I could literally sell all the stuff for the 180sx and buy a R32 for cheaper than rebuilding it. Thats pretty silly but that seems to be the current plan. Overwhelming and daunting is pretty much what feelings i have about this. Trying to break even with all the parts from the 180sx in order to not spend anything on the R32. Fingers crossed.

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