Days 16-19

So lets talk about the weekend…thought the car was running fine but started smoking. Thought it was bad gas ( i should stop thinking what things are because they are never right) but turned out to be a bad MAF. David came over Sunday night to check everything out again because I quit working on the car Saturday out of frustration.  Put some of the interior back together, still painting the roll cage, installed HID’s and some other dumb stuff.

No power to the dash so Ill check out the fuses again. Installed my seat but i need lower rails so I posted up my seat bracket and mounts for sale. Ebrake is still “broke” so I ordered a new caliper. My coolant tank came in and my steering rack is leaking pretty bad, probably from something not being tighten down.

This week will be doing a lot of little things so hopefully everything sorts itself out. I just want to drive this dumb thing before I sell it.

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