Im procrastinating at work this morning since it is Friday so ill update this blog with what I have done. Ill post pictures later if i remember.

So as right now, I have 3 weeks until I have to drive this car to Mineral Wells to drift with dudes that have come to see Yokoi and Tezuka. I traded the R33’s for a T28, manifold, s13.4 valve cover, Moroso oil pan, Kazama oil catch can and other doodads. Everything is on the motor but I am needing a few extra fittings before its 100% complete. I gave my harness to this dude that Justin suggested to mod it to work but I haven’t got it back yet. Just ordered my Enthalpy tune this morning so that will be in next week. I was going to get gauges but I like the PBM EDVM gadget they have so i bought that last night. Also picked up new HID’s, shifter extension, oil sandwich plate, radiator brackets and boost controller.  I have been replacing all the gaskets and seals on the motor as I go with only the rear main seal left. Hopefully this weekend i can get the motor off the engine stand so I can put the last seal, clutch, flywheel and transmission on. Then wait for the last tidbits, harness and ECU so I can start it up. Hopefully next week! I also need to button up the suspension and see if I can fix the e-brake as well. This weekend will be jam packed and I hope i get a lot done. 

 Wish me luck!

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