OG Bride

I forgot to post this but I bought a Bride Zeta 1 before the past drift event. Ordered a seat bracket and side mounts but didn’t come in so I had someone weld me up a ghetto seat mount so I could have my seat for Round 3. The seat is badass because I fit in it (I didn’t think I would)!



6 thoughts on “OG Bride

      1. See never believe what you hear, homie told me it the Zeta 3 fit like his buddy club seat. The buddy club on me was SUPER tight around my ribs and I’m 5’8″ 33″ waist. Thats was snug between the bolsters too!

      2. So maybe I should go backwards, I always heard the older zetas were tighter than the the 3’s but maybe since it was a rep. Oh well fuck it, the search begins 🙂

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