Losing Focus

I have been slacking with the blog lately. Didn’t want to deal with the car for a little bit and work got busy so I didn’t have time. But I got a chance to work on the diff and subframe so it got me motivated again. Went down to my friend’s shop to get some work down.

Started off with talking apart the diff, put the 4.6 gears in and got it welded up.


Then moved on to the subframe. Burned and Cut out the bushings to get ready for the new PBM subframe risers.


I tried to mess with a lot of people when I posted a picture of the subframe with the risers installed wrong…it kind of worked.


Anyways, got the subframe installed back into the car. That was pretty frustrating to do by yourself.


Going to try to knock out little stuff through the week just to keep progress going. We will see how that goes…

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