Caliper Rebuild

Needed to rebuild the front Z32 calipers that I have so I can finish everything on the front end before I get started on the rear end. I couldn’t get the pistons out so Andrew let me borrow his air compressor to pop them out. So here are the calipers…I don’t remember if I posted a picture of them or not.


Anyways, they were some kind of brown/Maroon color. It was gross so I got some aircraft stripper to remove all the paint.


Got them all stripped and cleaned up so I could spray them.


I was either going to do black or grey paint on the calipers. I decided to go with grey so it wouldn’t stand out but yet still have something better than being unfinished. I narrowed it down to 2 different colors. I went with the one on the left.


I sprayed them, sanded the Nissan letters and rebuilt them with Hawk pads. Here is how they came out.


I’m going to put them on today and see how it looks. Won’t really be able to judge until I put the wheels on but I’ll probably be too lazy by then to repaint them if I don’t like them anyways.

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