So ive been slacking and not really posting but once a week. Anyways, Powered by Max finally got their S14 inner tie rods in stock so I ordered those and some subframe risers.

252AB208-FE84-4B26-981C-9E6879AAA923_zpsmuxjalsf 72C550E6-8DF2-45E9-8FBD-24609087E99D_zpsnjzuutcx


Also got some BV tension rods from Imran and ordered some BV rear toe arms from Touge Factory. I just need to pick up the S14 outer tie rods from Imran and they front suspension should be ready to install.




I have about everything I need to really putting everything on the car that I need. Still got to rebuild the front caliper then paint them. I ordered brake lines, rotors, new carpet, BMC and CMC. Everything should be here for the weekend so Ill have time to get as much done as I can.  Also bought some Japanese DBZ games that I found in San Marcos while I was with girlfriend. I thought they were rad.




The black 180 i posted earlier today is rad too.

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