Welcome to Houston

I got some catching up to do so here we go.

Coilovers were delivered early this week. Just some Stance SS coilovers that I ordered from THMotorpsorts.com.


Got the front lip in that I purchased from Zilvia. Still waiting on my Ganadors so everything can go to paint.


The 180sx has finally arrived to Houston. My pops trailered it down to here yesterday so I can finally begin to put some wrench time in it.


Bought a pair of modified knuckles and 5 lug swap from my friend Imran (thanks again). Finally got my s14 FLCA from Justin, its only took 3 months (no thanks again).



Today I took out the old leather seats, the nasty carpet and the automatic seat belts from the interior.



Removed the struts/strings, tension rods, FLCAs, hubs, brakes and all that junk for all the new stuff I got.


Started on rebuilding a pair for Z32 calipers. Color is gross and messed up. I’m thinking i’ll paint them grey or something subtle.


Still need to drop the rear subframe for the subframe risers and I’ll install the arms then. Still need rotors, brake pads, ss lines, seat, carpet, nardi, blast pipes, paint, spares, tires, clutch, HIDs, and maybe cage. Im sure there is much more but thats all I can think of. I think there are about 70 or so days left before Round 1 so I better get to it.

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