Still Catching Up

Well after I stashed the 180sx at my parents house, I moved off to Alabama for a job. The job sucked but I did score an OEM bumper and taillights for pretty cheap.  Had to go to the ATL for the bumper but it was an awesome trip I took with my good friends BB and Quinton, whom I met while living in Alabama. The bumper is pretty rough but it can be fixed but the taillight were brand new and came with everything I need!




So I moved back to Texas and had some vacation during Thanksgiving, I figured I would try to see if I could get the 180sx running. My pops and I messed around and found that it wasn’t really getting much fuel. I went off and got another fuel pump after we pulled the old one out of the tank. Obviously this was the problem…Image


As soon as we replaced the fuel pump, fuel filter and lines it started right up. The old man that gave me the car said that the timing chain was broken and thats why it didn’t start. That wasn’t true because as soon as everything was replaced, it started up and ran like a champ. I flushed all the fluids because the car had been sitting for at least 10 years in that garage and drove it to get some fresh gas. 



I had a friend coming from Dallas to visit while I was still on vacation so I had him pick me up some Kouki side skirts on his way over to my parent’s place. (Thanks again Lu!) Luckily they were white so I just went ahead and put them on.Image

After the sides were on, I figured the car needed to be washed. It was still pretty dirty so we took it to the car wash to try to get some more of the 10 years of dust off the car. The engine bay came clean which was nice but still needs more SR20. 




After cleaning, I went ahead bought a new car covers and parked it until I could come back to take it with me to Houston. That pretty much wraps up everything that Ive done with the car so far. Now ill just post what currently happens with the car and other stuff that I like. 

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