The Beginning…

You gotta start sometime i guess so here we go. I’m gonna “try” to keep up with this blog-thing while I build this 180sx. I’ve always wanted to do a “build thread” or whatever you want to call it and I figured now is the best time to start. 

So a little background…In late 2011, I met up with this dude Justin to trade exhausts on our 350z’s. Which he eventually talked me into drifting in early 2012. From there I met up and starting hanging out with the rest of the guys from Essence Garage. I did about half a dozen events over the next 2 years and finished college. Graduated, moved to Alabama for a job, didn’t like it and moved back here to Houston. Short and sweet!


But here comes the 180sx. While I went to visit my folks this year, I remembered this old guy having this white hatch in his garage down the street for years and figured I would try to talk him into letting me buy it. When I was younger, I tried to buy it twice but he never let me because it was his son’s car and wasnt sure what he was going to do with it. Anyways, got a hold of the guy and he told me to come by to check out the car. I go and check out the car thinking he is just leading me on like the last 2 times. So after looking at the car he finally tells me he will call his son and see what he wanted to do with the car. I come back the next day to see what his son says about the car. The old man hands the keys and the title for FREE!!! I couldn’t believe it, after I tried to buy it twice he just gives it to me. 3rd times a charm. The car didnt run so I push it down to my parent’s house and through a tarp over it for the next 8 months.


Ok, I think thats good for now. Ill post more stuff later when I get bored and continue this story and what I have been doing for the past month or so.

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